Mcm - Montaggi Carpenterie Meccaniche   Business

As a certified carpentry firm, MCM works in strict contact with leading companies dealing with constructions of industrial plants and has a long experience in building light, medium-heavy and heavy frames for big and small industrial machines.
During the past twenty years we have developed significant expertise and knowledge, we gradually improved our flexibility and dynamism and made our production processes more and more efficient and effective - from the very first steps of the project to the final installation of the product - in order to optimize all operations, make building times shorter and fully meet all our customers' requirements by following our product development from the choice of raw materials to the very final finishes.

In the last years MCM has also got the chance to cooperate with important companies of the building industry which deal both with modern buildings - that need to be built with sturdy materials but at the same time must be aesthetically elegant - and existing buildings that need to be renewed and strengthened. Thanks to this cooperation we could significantly develop our know-how and expand our range of expertise by developing load bearing structures for fences, stairs and many other building elements.
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