Mcm - Montaggi Carpenterie Meccaniche   Company Profile
MCM was founded in 1989 by Mr Ciro Annicchiarico and Mr Vincenzo Callea, who had already worked for important firms of the Mechanical Engineering sector and the Plant Engineering industry for several years.
We specialize both in heavy and medium-heavy metal carpentry and currently carry out our activities in two warehouses - respectively of 1,000 mq. and 900 mq. - both supplied with the most modern equipment which enables us to provide our customers with state-of-the-heart products. OUR MAIN EQUIPMENT
-> N. 01 Bending Press: 4000 mm / 380 tons
-> Plasma and oxygen cutting machines (iron / stainless steel) and iron cutting up to 250 mm
-> Electrode and wire welding machines, MIG / TIG welding (iron, stainless steel, aluminium)
-> N. 01 Shears
-> N. 02 Lathes
-> N. 02 Pillar Drills
-> N. 01 Saw Milling machine
-> N. 02 Overhead Cranes
Reliability and helpfulness, together with professionalism and high expertise, are some of our main qualities that enables us to provide our customers' with highly efficient products and meet all their needs.
21040 Origgio (Varese) - Via Dell'artigianato, 9/15 - Tel. 0296730364 - P.Iva 01858700121