Mcm - Montaggi Carpenterie Meccaniche   M.C.M. S.R.L. has over 20 years experience in the Mechanical Engineering sector and specializes in metal carpentry works.

We provide various heavy and medium-heavy carpentry services, e.g. metal constructions, metal structures, industrial machines, basements, hoppers and tanks, and we faithfully stick to the projects and technical features provided by our customers - always.

Our headquarters are based in Origgio (VARESE).

We always provide customer-oriented services and we care for the improvement of both efficiency and effectiveness of our working processes bearing in mind the principle of high quality, which is the most important aspect for us.
Our professionalism is mirrored by our constant commitment to provide our customers only with the best solutions in terms of quality and cost of course using only the best raw materials.

We build high quality products - all ISO 9001 certified - using the best certified raw materials.
21040 Origgio (Varese) - Via Dell'artigianato, 9/15 - Tel. 0296730364 - P.Iva 01858700121